One Man’s List

Obviously this weekend, all over the country, it’s all about The Dark Knight.  Many call it the best comic book movie ever.  While it is incredibly good, I won’t go that far (see below).  Like I said in my quasi-review, I love the movie, but there’s something that holds me back from rating it the greatest ever.  So without further ado…here’s my top 10 list:

1.  Batman Begins.  It’s simply brilliant.  It tells the story of how Bruce Wayne became Batman 100% accurately and has a stunningly great cast.  It shows how this is a man who is constantly racked with guilt, fear, and anger and how he’ll never truly be whole.  LOVE IT.

2.  Iron Man.  Certainly the best of the Marvel films, and again, it’s simply brilliant.  Robert Downey, Jr. owned the role of Tony Stark.  Again, it tells his back story accurately and the cast is just stunning.  Like with Batman Begins, it’s directed by a person who understands the character and what the movie needed to be.  Fantastic film.  Close second, and I mean CLOSE.

3.  The Dark Knight.  Extremely good, especially the way they handled the Joker.  Brilliant cast, great writing, but like I said, there’s just something about that holds me back from naming it better than it’s predecessor.  I might change my tune after a few months go by and the DVD comes out.  We’ll see.

4.  Superman the movie.  The original starring Christopher Reeve.  It’s the part he was born to play.  He nailed the character like no other actors has ever done.  He changed his voice, mannerisms, and body language when he switched between Clark Kent and Superman.  What most people don’t understand is that the glasses aren’t the only thing hiding his identity, he creates an entirely different person when he’s Clark.  On top of that, the movie was made in 1976 and as it promised, it made you believe a man could fly.  For 1976, the special effects are great and I think the movie still holds up aside from the fashion and old cars.  My only complaint is that Lex Luthor is essentially the comic relief.  He’s supposed to be cold, cunning, power obsessed, and evil.  They just didn’t write the character correctly.  Other than that, great flick.

5.  Batman.  From 1989 starring Michael Keaton and Jack Nicholson.  Keaton was great as Batman and Jack was amazing as the Joker.  It’s a great movie but I don’t like how they portrayed Commissioner Gordon and I hated Robert Wuhl’s character.  I don’t know where that reporter came from and I don’t know why they picked Wuhl who tends to be annoying at best.  Also Prince doing the soundtrack.  I like Prince, but he and Batman don’t really go together.  Other than that, they did a great job.

6.  X-Men.  I actually don’t know which I like better between all three movies, so I’ll just go with the original for the first appearance on the list.  Good casting, good story, great special effects.  I didn’t like some of the writing (“you know what happens to a toad that’s hit by lighting?  The same as everything else”…that’s just awful), the way they underused Sabertooth, and Halle Berry’s attempt an African accent.

7.  X-2.  Like I said, I like the three pretty equally, so they should probably all be grouped together on the list.  Liked what they did here with Nightcrawler and the first appearance of Colossus.  Lady Deathstrike was a nice touch too.

8.  X-Men The Last Stand.  Or X-Men 3 if you prefer.  A lot of people pan this movie, but I liked it.  Some shocking deaths, Kelsey Grammar as Beast was great and they had a good old fashioned knock down, drag out fight at the end of the movie.  I have few complaints.

9.  Daredevil.  Another movie that a lot of people pan, but I think was really well done.  Jennifer Garner’s a little stiff in it in terms of her performance, but I liked Affleck as Matt Murdock/Daredevil.  Some good casting and a story that was basically taken word for word, scene for scene from one of the comic book’s story arcs.  I think people really underrate it.

10.  The Punisher.  I mean the one starring Thomas Jane.  I liked the movie a lot because they did a nice job of making it pretty gritty.  I really like the inclusion of the Russian (even if it is brief).  Better movie than people think.

Yes, I left the Spider Man movies off.  I hate them.  With the exception of the villains in the first and second movies, they’re complete wastes.  3 was awful.  I haven’t seen the newest Hulk movie, mostly because the first one was so terrible I’m afraid of this one.  I left Superman 2 off because the one that most of us have seen gets a little too weird for me at times.  The giant celephane “S” logo that he throws at the Kryptonian criminals?  When Zod and his band of thugs shoot some weird ray out of their fingers?  WTF?  The Richard Donner cut is much better I think, but still a little bit on the odd side for me.  Superman Returns really disappointed me.

So that’s my list.  I might revisit it in a few months or maybe I’ll wait for Iron Man 2, Captain America, Thor, The Avengers, and Watchmen.  After those movies the list could be completely different.  We’ll see.

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2 thoughts on “One Man’s List

  1. nursarahlam says:

    Hi, I love The Dark Knight so much especially with The Joker. Not that I love The Joker because of the late Heath Ledger but the character Joker itself is interesting and I am wondering if there will be another sequel featuring Two Face in the future..

  2. […] went back through some of the old posts (and they’re all old aren’t they?) and I saw my list of comic book movies that I wrote shortly after seeing ‘The Dark Knight.’  First off, let me apologize to […]

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