I Now Pronounce You Chuck And Larry Unless You’re Reading This In North Carolina

Hate.  Bigotry.  Sad.  North Carolina.  Unfortunately – especially since my sister lives there and I think it’s a beautiful state – those words are all synonymous now.  Amendment 1 has made that the truth.  I still can’t believe that here in 2012 we’re actually having debates like this.  I cannot fathom how I live in a world where in America, not in some tiny third world country run by a dictator or fascist regime, but the United States of America is oppressing citizens.

Do not try to tell me that this is somehow different than telling black people or women that they can’t vote because they’re not white men.  This is no different than telling white people they can’t love someone of a different race which is something we did not that long ago.  There is simply no way to tell me this isn’t the same thing.  It is simply wrong.

Please stop playing politics with people lives.  That’s what this really is.  This NEVER should have become an issue that people are voting on in 2012.  The only, I repeat ONLY REASON this ever became a thing is because a few years ago someone figured out that there are people who are absolutely terrified of gay people.  That’s right; if you think they are “immoral” or “wrong” then you are simply afraid of them.  So someone figured out they could prey on those fears and get people to vote for you.  Anyone who voted for a candidate that said they would not support same sex marriage should be outraged.  If that’s the reason you voted for them, then you should be mad because no federal candidate has done a single thing to ban gay marriage.  Know why?

It won’t pass.  If you try to make it an amendment to the Constitution it won’t succeed because people like me won’t allow it to.  Hate me for that, call me a faggot, I don’t care.  It will however scare people enough to get them to vote.  The problem here is that candidates know this and continue to use it as a tool to get elected.  The President himself said people won’t vote based on economic policy because no one believes that a candidate will help them economically.  Every candidate will promise to create jobs and put more money in your pocket, but very few can deliver on that because no one agrees on how to do it.

But tell them that the democrats want to take your guns away or that they’ll let the gays run wild and use their mind control powers to convert your kids or – GASP! – even you to a gay?!?  Oh that’ll get people to vote.  Scare the shit out of people and they’ll vote.

How sad is that?  Why can’t we move past this and actually vote on economic policy?  This shouldn’t be that hard.

The saddest part is that it won’t change.  The President came out (no pun intended) saying that he personally believes gay people should be allowed to marry.  He’s right, they should, but he made no political statement on it because really, why?  He’s consistently said that the states should decide, a very republican way of thinking, but politically I agree.  However the republicans will hammer him saying he flip-flopped again.  It’s already begun.  He changed his mind.  You’re allowed to do that.  It’s called evolving.

Oops, I meant intelligent designing.

This election shouldn’t be about gay marriage, but it will be.  So let me say this:

If you are against equal rights for ALL people, then you are on the wrong side of history.  Someday, and it will happen sooner than you care to believe, your children and grandchildren will look at you and wonder how you could believe this.  They will look at you the same way I look at someone that still believes that black people are inferior to white people.

Love is love.  It knows no color, creed, or gender.  You believe that God says it’s wrong?  No God that I grew up believing in – and I’m a Christian by the way – would ever say that someone is not worthy of His love.  He loves us all, even with our flaws and warts.  In fact, that’s why He does.

Finally let me say this: if you really think that gay people getting married somehow destroys life, civilization, and the institution of marriage then please look me in the eye and tell me how Ellen getting married to a woman destroyed your way of life.  Did it?  Did the world stop spinning and I just somehow missed it?  Did frogs rain down on us?  Did the rivers run red?

Maybe tomorrow.


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