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As promised I joined a gym this week.  Only got there once – stupid work, always in my way – but that’s better than zero.  The new gym has a pool and I thought for my cardio work I would swim.  I swam competitively as a kid and enjoyed it, so why not?  I’m certainly no Michael Phelps, so I thought I’ll do 100m freestyle and 100m breaststroke as those were my favorites as a kid (screw you backstroke and butterfly!).

It…uh…didn’t go as planned. Continue reading

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197.  That’s what the scale read today.  Argh.

You see, most of my life I’ve been a bit on the heavy side.  I’m 5’9″ so at 197 I’m by no means the person you see walking down the street and think “wow they could drop of a heart attack at any moment.”  However, I should weigh about 165 according to the BMI that doctors use.  My lifetime of pudge is due to being a junk food addict.  I love all things bad for me, but I don’t like the way that junk food makes me look and feel. Continue reading


Let’s Pick ‘Em

Ok, I’ve reviewed the brackets and I’ve entered a few pools and I have come to one conclusion….

I’m clueless.

Now don’t get me wrong, I watch a lot of college basketball.  Probably more this year than usual since I usually watch whatever game is on ESPN while I’m on the treadmill at the gym.  All that viewing leads me to believe that there are at least 8 teams who could legitimately win the title.  Truthfully there’s probably more.  I would consider Georgetown or Villanova winning it all to be only a mild surprise.  Same for Pitt, Baylor, and Kansas St.  Ohio St., Kansas, Kentucky, West Virginia, Syracuse, and Duke are the really serious contenders for the title.  So, since everyone else is doing it, here’s my advice for your picks:

There’s ALWAYS a 5/12 upset in the first round.  I think there’s two this year.  UTEP over Butler and Cornell over Temple.  Butler historically doesn’t perform well as a 5 seed.  I think that’s an unfortunate side effect from being far and away the best team in their league.  They can coast through conference play every year and I think it leaves them a bit unprepared for the challenge you get in the tournament.  Not really their fault, it just is what it is.  Plus, I think UTEP’s a solid team that can win some games in the tourney.  Same for Cornell.  Solid, solid team.

NEVER trust the Big 10 unless the team is hands down the best team (see: Michigan State, 2000 and Illinois 2005).  My advice as a guy who watches a lot of Big 10 basketball is don’t take anyone other than OSU past the 2nd round.  I’m serious.  I think the Big 10 was the 2nd best league behind the Big East this year, but Ohio State was the ONLY team I saw that didn’t lay a complete stinker all year.  You catch Wisconsin, MSU, and Purdue on the right (or wrong depending on your rooting interests) and it’s over.  I like Siena over Purdue by the way.  I didn’t think losing Robbie Hummel would hurt them THAT much until Minnesota schlacked them.

Don’t put all four #1’s in the Final Four.  I think it’s only happened once.  Find a 2 and a 3 you like a lot and ride them.

Trust your gut.  Every year I over think and that’s where things fall apart on me.  This year, I’m just trusting my gut.  And my gut tells me this:

FINAL FOUR: Kansas, Syracuse, West Virginia, Baylor

TITLE GAME: Kansas/West Virginia


As I tried to figure out who I like, I just kept coming back to Kansas.  You can make excellent arguments for any of the teams I listed above, as well as a few others.  I get that.  But like I said, trust your gut and mine said go with the team that was never ranked lower than 3, that won’t be affected by the pressure of being the #1 overall seed and favorite to win it all, and a coach who has been there before.  I like Kentucky, but I think their youth will trip them up.  I like Syracuse, but if Onuaku isn’t healthy, they’re in trouble.  I like Duke, but I don’t think they have the talent to win it all.  I like West Virginia, but I think they’re a little nuts and that’s not good.  I like OSU, but they only play 6 or 7 guys so if they’re in foul trouble, they’re in flat out trouble.

Kansas just makes sense to me, so there you go.

As always, I will hope for the impossible of dream of going 32/32 in the opening rounds.  If the trend from the last few years holds, I’ll get 30 or 31, then lose it all in the second round.  In other words, sorry Kansas fans, I just ruined your season.

Let’s Talk Tourney!

My thoughts as I watch the brackets get revealed:

West Virginia should’ve been a #1.

The Gouchos might be my new favorite team.  Great name.

The 3 seed seems high for Georgetown.  They were incredibly inconsistent so a 4 feels better to me.

Already some excellent first round match ups with UNLV, Maryland, and basically all the 8/9 games.  First round will be fun.

Why do the smaller teams like Ohio and Murray St. freak out when their name is revealed when they already had the auto-bid locked up?  This never makes sense to me.

A 10 seed is way too high Florida when they were supposed to be on the bubble.  Not sure they should be in, but whatever.

With both Florida and Minnesota in, I have to believe my Illini are out.  Crap.  Stupid UTEP losing to Houston.

Quick thought during the break: The #1 I’m almost positive won’t reach the Final Four: Syracuse.

How is Texas an 8?  Didn’t the committee watch them collapse like the rest of us did?

If I don’t see Ed Helms in character as the Nard Dog at the Cornell-Temple game, my world will be shattered.

A 4 seems a bit high for Wisconsin.  Good team, but I had them no higher than a 5.  Then again, I hate them so, you know, I downgraded.

I agree with Greg Anthony.  Morgan St.: you are toast.  Sorry.

I’m a bit stunned that the ACC has 5 teams in.

After seeing Steve Alford and New Mexico get the 3 seed, the entire state of Iowa stabbed themselves with pitchforks.

After seeing the bracket, I would now say that the second #1 who won’t make the Final Four: Kentucky.  Brutal road to get there.

That’s how you want your team to react on national TV.  You stay classy Washington.  (Note: sarcasm)

I’ve never understood why the #1 overall doesn’t automatically get the winner of the play-in game.

Wow, 6 teams out of the Big East already.  Sorry Notre Dame, I don’t think they’ll take 7.

Ouch for Purdue.  That match up with Siena will be tough.

What’s a Gael?  Can someone from St. Mary’s answer that for me?

Whoa, Baylor is a 3???  They’re good, but I’m not sure they’re that good.

Ok, guess they will take 7 from the Big East.  Notre Dame goes from on the bubble to a 6 seed.  Yeah, that makes sense.  I guess the NCAA selection committee decided to make up for the Charlie Weiss years.

I rarely agree with Seth Davis, but he’s right about the surprising love for the Pac-10.

Again, how does this make sense?  The last 6 teams in are no lower than 12 seeds.  If you’re one of the last teams in you have to be in the teens I think.  What does it hurt to put a smaller school that clinched an auto-bid as a higher seed for doing the work they needed to do?

Thanks Greg Anthony for putting the “s” on the end of Illinois.

Overall, no complaints about who got in and who didn’t.  I agree with the studio guys that Illinois and Virginia Tech both probably deserve it, but you can’t make a lot of noise about a screw job with both teams because ultimately they didn’t do what they needed to.  I think VT got hurt a bit by a bad year for the ACC, but that’s just me.  Then again, I think the ACC got like 4 or 5 in, so it wasn’t that down.

I don’t get the seeding personally.  I think that prior to the conference tourneys they had already decided the #1’s which is dumb.

Ok, hold on, the guy that’s the head of the selection committee while explaining the process for picking the #1’s just said “we put West Virginia in the discussion…but we looked at the entire body of work and Duke finished really strong.”  Um…ok.

I love when Greg Anthony gets a hold of the head of the selection committee because he doesn’t pull punches and he just went right after him on the #1’s.  Get him Greg.

Apparently if you’re within 5 feet of Clark Kelogg you are required to say “indicated” and “peel back the onion” at least as many times as he does.

Once again, after Seth asks about VT, Illinois, and Mississippi St. the guy says that it’s the whole body of work, but the sites the end of the season and conference tournaments.  This guy has got be getting ready to run for Congress.

Don’t like Seth Davis, but glad he called out the committee chairman for double talking about whole body of work and then putting emphasis on the end of the year.

I hate “One Shining Moment”.  Seriously.  Hate it.  Pick a new song.  It’s awful.

I’ll do picks later after I get a hard copy of the bracket, but this should be fun.  I don’t agree with Seth and Greg of taking the 1’s and 2’s to the Elite 8.  Someone will get knocked off.  Consider that a tease I guess.

Olympic Hangover

I meant to get this up earlier, but I’ve been way busy. Also way lazy. At least I’m honest. Without further ado, my thoughts (that you don’t care about) on the Olympics (that you might not have cared about):

1. Every winter games it never ceases to amaze me: the Curling Phenomenon. We become flippin’ obsessed with this thing. It’s all people talk about. We make fun of it, but be honest, you were like me and couldn’t stop watching it. I think I know why. First, it’s weird. Curling is some weird, on ice version of shuffleboard (which is another game I don’t understand). Because we don’t fully understand it, but it’s new and different, we watch. I have no clue how Curling works, but you better believe I watch that shit! I’m stunned Versus hasn’t picked up the World Curling Championships yet (you KNOW that exists). Second, I think we watch it because of this reason:
At one point during the USA vs. China match (in which we apparently got slaughtered but I don’t know how or why) the woman doing color commentary said that the U.S. needs to develop more elite curlers. I immediately said: “I bet I could be an elite curler…like tomorrow.” I think that’s why we watch. We feel like we’d be really good at it…unlike every other sport where, if you’re like me, you tried and failed (not bitter at all by the way).

2. That was some of the best hockey I have ever watched in my life. Holy hell. I’m not just talking the super awesome USA vs. Canada games, but the tournament as a whole was great. Hope you enjoyed it though as the NHL will most likely not allow their players to play in the 2014 games in Russia (some cold war blow back perhaps?). Seriously though, those two games the US and Canada played were absolutely amazing. Canada was a real life fantasy team…I know this because several of them are indeed on my fantasy team (yeah I have a fantasy hockey team…don’t judge me). Then you had a US team that most experts were calling a dark horse team, but weren’t really getting a lot of serious consideration to medal. The US had the “nobody believe in us!” card, Canada was insanely talented, that makes some fine hockey! Hope they can do it again in 2014, but I doubt it. Also, I hope you enjoyed seeing Alex Ovechkin while you could because everyone thought it would be Russia vs. Canada for the gold and Russia didn’t even medal, so Ovie, bad news bud, the KGB will by soon to take you to the Kremlin.

Russia still does that right? Let’s pretend they do, it’s more fun that way.

Luckily based on the record shattering ratings, most of you saw the hockey game and that’s good. As the great Eddie O. said (I think it was Eddie anyways): “hopefully we got some new hockey fans.”

Other than the Curling and super awesome hockey, I didn’t watch poop from the Olympics. I don’t care about skating, skiing (except Lindsey Vonn…so hot), and that other junk. Maybe it’s just me but I have a hard time getting up for the Olympics in general, but especially the winter games. I think it’s because the summer games are much more accessible for most people. We’ve all played basketball, or at least seen a game, most of us have been in a pool, we’ve all run, etc. How many people do you know that have ski jumped? You see my point I think.

So there you go. That’s all I got on the Olympics, we now return you to the regularly scheduled nonsense about stuff.

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Opinions are like…

When you’re single, it seems that literally everyone wants to give you advice on how to remedy this situation.  The one constant that you’ll hear from both the single and coupled alike is this:

“If you stop looking, that’s when you’ll find someone.”

In other words, if you simply accept your singleness, it will almost immediately end according to these people.  I call bullshit.  This, to me, is like the saying “it’s always in the last place you look.”  Of course it is!  If I’m looking for my cars keys and I find them behind the desk, I’m not going to keep looking for them.  I won’t walk all over my house thinking “I know my keys are in my hand right now, I see them there, I feel them there, but I better be safe and keep looking.”  That’s why everything you find was in the last place you looked.  You found it.  The next time someone says that to you, you have my permission to slap them and call them a dumbass.

Back to the B.S. advice above.  Everyone will tell you that they met their significant other as soon as they simply quit looking for them.  They will say that they simply didn’t care if they were in a relationship or not, and then this wonderful human came along and swept them off their feet.  To me, if you really didn’t care, you would’ve told this person that you weren’t interested in a relationship at the moment, but if they wouldn’t mind hanging out for a month or two, maybe it’ll go somewhere.  But you didn’t say that.  You immediately exchanged numbers or whatever.  So it’s not that you stopped looking, you just told yourself you did and most likely you did that well after you started dating this person.

In other words, I see through your lies.


Another year down…

I don’t usually write (actually I could stop right there) about myself, but I’m feeling introspective lately. My birthday is rapidly approaching and while that’s not a bad thing, the fact is after I turned 21, I stopped caring. It occurred to me that after you turn 21, the only “milestone birthdays” are 30, 40, 50, etc. which really only serve to remind you that you are indeed officially old. That depresses me. Also, I don’t really like calling attention to myself and that’s basically what birthdays do. It’s supposed to be a day where you walk around and say “look at me!” and everyone does. But, like I said, I’m not really comfortable with that. So I’m not a big birthday guy.

Now, a quick confession. I have been single for (gulp!) six years. Yes, there have been a few dates, but really nothing solid or meaningful. I try very hard not to let this get to me, but this seems to be the one aspect of my life that people want to use to define me. Now there are a myriad of other things one could pick. As I’ve stated on here, I’m a radio dork. I’m not yet 30 and am losing my hair. I have a bit of a gut (not fat per say, but a gut none the less…I’m working on getting rid of it). I like to think I’m rather funny. Any of these would be understandable traits to use when characterizing me, but without fail people always go to the single thing first. And they like to point out to me that I’m single, as if I would forget. Anyways, when my last meaningful relationship ended six years ago, it did not end well. She hurt me as deeply as any person ever has, and I readily admit it took quite a while to get over. But I am over it now. Seriously it’s been six years, if I wasn’t that would be pretty sad don’t you think?

So once a friend who was trying to be nice (I think) while chatting about my never-ending singleness asked if I ever miss my ex. I responded with “no, never.” And I don’t.

Except I do.

Lately, as my birthday has drawn closer, I’ve found myself missing her quite a bit. I think I finally know why. For being a rather selfish person, she went out of her way to make me feel special on my birthday. She was notorious for buying me many gifts, most being somewhat expensive. She would use the opportunity to remake my wardrobe of course, but she also would buy things that I would enjoy and were meaningful to me. She did this with very little money, so in truth, while the gifts were nice, the sentiment actually held more meaning to me. But it was more than material. She would cook (or attempt to anyways) for me, and always made sure that we had absolutely mind blowing sex (sorry to be graphic, but you have to admit that really, that’s what we all want on our birthday). Yes, I miss all those things, but I think what I miss more than all of that is just having someone to share the day with. Someone who went way out of her way to make me feel special that day. It was nice.

So now I inch closer to 30 and find myself with questions. Will I meet the fabled “special someone”? Will I ever make the kind of money that would allow me to not have to worry about money anymore? Will I have children someday? Will I ever own the house with the white picket fence and the dogs? Will the Bulls win another NBA title in my lifetime? (I don’t feel particularly good about that one)

I don’t know. But the promise I have made and the gift I’m giving myself this year is that I’m going to stop worrying about it. I’m going to wake up in a few days and I’ll be that much closer to the dreaded 30, but instead of focusing on my impending ticket to the retirement home (yeah, like I’ll be able to retire), I will pause for a moment to remember her and how she made me feel for several years on my birthday. I’ll then resume not thinking about her because she ended up being not very nice.

Where I go from there…well that’s the real fun isn’t it?

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Let’s Pretend…

Last week I read a blog post where someone listed his all time NBA draft. If I could find it again, I’d link to it, but I can’t and I spent at least 45 minutes looking for it. His draft was interesting to say the least. Of what I can remember, his top 3 went:

1. Magic Johnson
2. Larry Bird
3. Michael Jordan

Bill Russell wasn’t even in the top 10. It sparked much debate and it made me think about how mine would shake out, so here it goes…

1. Michael Jordan. I’ll admit, I’m biased. I often refer to Jordan as either The Great One or God. But remember this, he is often called the greatest who ever played for a reason. Often overlooked because of his scoring was his superb defense. Oh and there’s the 6 rings which would probably be 8 if he hadn’t retired after the tragic death of his father.

2. Larry Bird. The Basketball Jesus himself. Bird was, like Jordan, hyper competitive. He simply hated to lose and no one, maybe not even Jordan, was as clutch as Bird was.

3. Magic Johnson. In football, if you ask me what position you build around, I’d say Quarterback. In basketball, I’d tell you Point Guard. So of course we don’t have a PG appear on the list until the 3rd spot. That said, Magic saw passing lanes that no one, I mean NO ONE else saw, and why wouldn’t you take a guy who can play literally every spot on the floor as he proved when he played Center after Kareem got hurt.

4. Oscar Robertson. This is where I start to have internal debates. However, the only player to ever AVERAGE a triple-double should be a top 5 pick.

5. “Pistol” Pete Maravich. A guy who should always be in the conversation for “Best Who Ever Played” but he isn’t. The reason why is simple, he was on bad teams before free agency existed. However, go to YouTube and look for the footage of the game against the Knicks when he dropped 68 points. He fouls out and even the Knicks players shake their head because they wanted to see what else he would do.

6. Bill Russell. The debate between Wilt and Russell will be eternal, but to me, you take the guy with more rings.

7. Wilt Chamberlain. You get the only guy to score 100 pts. in a game at the 7 spot, you’ve done alright for yourself.

8. LeBron James. Yes he doesn’t have a ring, but does anyone really think he won’t get one? He’ll win at least one MVP award (probably this year) and he’s just flat out dominant. Next year, he might be higher on this list.

9. Shaq. First of all, the man only needs one name. That’s gotta count for something. Remember, he’s two Nick Anderson free throws away from having 5 rings. In his prime, he was an absolute force of nature.

10. Julius Erving. I originally wrote Charles Barkley here. Then I thought about Jerry West. Then Kobe. Then Cousy, Walton, Stockton, Karl Malone, Isiah, Moses Malone, hell I even gave some thought to Sean Kemp and Gary Payton. My point is I gave this position a lot of though, but ultimately, I went with Dr. J. He was Jordan before Jordan. He flew, he dominated, he had one of the greatest Afro’s I’ve ever seen.

The rest of the draft goes like this…

11. Kobe
12. Barkley
13. Kareem
14. Isiah Thomas
15. Bob Cousy
16. Jerry West
17. Bill Walton
18. Hakeem Olajuwon
19. Scottie Pippen
20. Clyde Drexler
21. Earl Monroe
22. Walt Frazier
23. Willis Reed
24. Patrick Ewing
25. Karl Malone
26. Dwayne Wade (yep, I’m serious)
27. John Stockton
28. Chris Paul
29. George Mikan
30. Deron Williams (that one’s straight bias from me…hey at least I admit it)

There it is. My list for right now. In a week I might call myself stupid and re-do the whole thing.

Feel free to leave your thoughts.

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I Ramble Therefor I’m Stupid

Ok, I’m warning you right now, this is pretty much just going to be me rambling.

First off, I saw a guy walking on campus today.  He was wearing a black trench coat and black hat (like the ones they wore in the 1950’s).  In fact, I think everything he was wearing was black.  Following closely was, I assume, his girlfriend wearing…you guessed it…all black.  I thought about this for a moment while I waited for the light to turn green, not because I find those kids scary like they’re going to shoot up a school or something, but because I find them very funny.  See, I assume they dress like that because in their mind, they’re rebelling against what they think we want them to be.  They don’t wear Abercrombie & Fitch clothes, don’t gel their hair, don’t listen to “mainstream” music.  I got news for you guys, you’re not rebelling against anything.  You consider yourself to be above us because you’re not caught up in material things, yet I question, how long did it take you to pick out that coat?  That hat?  How much money did you spend on your all black ensemble?  I’ll bet anything you spent more money and time crafting that look than I did on the outfit I’m wearing today, yet you would consider me to be another sheep.  Just food for thought.

Up until recently I thought that I would be fine with either Clinton or Obama winning the primary.  For the uninitiated, I’m an Obama guy and not just because I’m from Illinois.  I think he can do the most good for this country.  I must say though that recently I’ve been very disappointed with Hilary Clinton.  She’s almost constantly bringing up Obama’s connection with Reverend Jeremiah Wright who has said some fairly controversial things.  In the last debate which was watched by almost no one, she even made an attempt to connect Mr. Obama with Louis Farrakhan under the old six degrees of separation game.  But let me quote the great Stephen Colbert when he was discussing this: “if Obama is supported by Ted Kennedy, who is Catholic, and the Catholic Church is led by a Pope who was in the Hitler Youth, that can mean only one thing: OBAMA LOVES HITLER!”  Quick side note: I’m not Catholic, but I think the current Pope is capable of doing some great things and I’m a fan, but truth is truth…end side note.  What Mrs. Clinton has failed to mention is that after the Monica Lewinski scandal, whom did the Clintons bring to the White House for “spiritual counseling?”  Why, it was the Reverend Jeremiah Wright!  Interesting.  I give Obama credit for not bringing that in to the rhetoric yet.  Again, I don’t particularly dislike Hilary, I’m just disappointed in her lately.

NBA playoffs are going on, and if you like basketball, watch.  Seriously.  There’s some really good ball going on.  The Western Conference is just ridiculously good and there’s some really good series going on in the East.  Here’s my predictions:


Lakers over Nuggets in 4

Jazz over Rockets in 6

Hornets over Mavs in 7 (this one could be a whole bunch of fun)

Suns over Spurs in 7 (again, could be a TON of fun to watch)


Celtics over Hawks in 4 (I actually like Atlanta, but they’re vastly overmatched here)

Pistons over 76ers in 5 (I like the Sixers too, but I don’t think they’ll steal another one from Detroit, I think Detroit took them too lightly over the weekend)

Magic over Raptors in 6 (could go the other way if Chris Bosh can figure out how to contain Dwight Howard…which I’m not actually sure is possible)

Cavs over Wizards in 7 (Normally I’d say that Cleveland would win in 5 because I think LeBron can beat this team by himself, but Butler and Arenas are just ridiculously good and Washington believes in themselves)

I like the Pistons over the Celtics in the East, although I could easily see Boston winning.  I actually like Boston, but Detroit’s just too good and they have a big 4 where Boston only has a big 3, so you do the math.

The West is insanely difficult to pick, but I’m going to take the Lakers over the Suns in a fantastic 7 game series.  And even though it pains me greatly because I really hate Kobe, I think that the Lakers will be the champs, especially if Andrew Bynum gets healthy.  Don’t count Detroit out though, they’re physical enough to beat L.A. down and win.  That said though, this is the first time in quite a while where I just have no clue who’s going to win it all.  Should be fun.

NFL draft is this weekend, Jake Long will be the #1 pick.  I’m a firm believer that EVERYTHING in football begins and ends up front.  Left tackle is a notoriously hard position to fill and if there’s a potential franchise LT out there, take him.  Jake Long is that good.  I really like Chris Long (not related to Jake) but I think he goes #2 to St. Louis who need defensive help.  Matt Ryan goes 3 to Atlanta who desperately need a QB and McFadden goes 4 to the Raiders who desperately need everything.  After that, I have no clue.  I just hope my Bears take either an offensive lineman or Rashard Mendenhall at 14.

Baseball’s underway.  My White Sox are in 1st (awesome).  Today on The Score they asked “what’re you most concerned about with both teams (Cubs and Sox…both currently in first)?”  With my Sox, it’s still the bullpen.  Last year we started out on fire (David Aardsma didn’t give up a run until May, then he gave up a bunch), but then the pen fell apart.  The good news is that the lineup is hitting much better than all of last year and Danks and Floyd have been really good.  Jose Contreras still scares me.  I think we’ll need to address that sooner rather than later.  For the Cubs, I’d be concerned about a couple of things.  First off would be Alfonso Soriano.  I thought that they gave him too much money and too many years because he’s older than you think, but this injury is the latest in what’s becoming a long line of them and he may just be too far on the backside of his career to be the player the Cubs thought he’d be.  Kerry Wood concerns me too.  Shockingly, he’s spent 4.5 of his 10 year career on the DL.  Not good.  I’d be mighty worried about the starting pitching too.  Dempster’s been great, Zambrano’s Zambrano, but Lily is currently sporting a 9.16 ERA.  Now that will come down, but I doubt he gets much below 4, which isn’t real good.  I also doubt he wins more than 12 games.  Rich Hill has a much better 3.86 ERA, but just got his first win yesterday.  There’s some cause for concern there.

I can’t wait for Iron Man and The Dark Knight.  I don’t care what you think of me for that.

Finally, I ask a simple question.  If you are a woman, would you stay with a guy for 12 years despite the fact that he clearly has no intention of ever marrying you and treats you generally like a second class citizen?  I sincerely hope you said no.  Someone that I happen to be crazy about is doing just that and it makes absolutely no sense to me.  I’m not going to say I think I’m the greatest catch a woman could get, but I certainly treat women better than that and yet I’ve been single for 5 years and counting.  I’m telling you, there’s no justice in life.

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I’m back

I’ve been ridiculously bad about posting lately, and for the roughly 4 people that read this, I apologize.  Work has been hectic and I’ve been training for a 5K run that happens in about a month.  Turns out I’m really not physically built for running.  I run flat footed and it caused a nasty case of shin splints.  My knees get more creaky with each day and now, for some reason, my left hip hurts.  Running, while incredibly effective, hurts.  Regardless, I’m determined to run this race.  I think once it’s over I’ll cut back my running schedule to no more than 4 times per week.  I think once it warms up and they open the pool at my apartment complex, I’ll switch to primarily swimming since there’s no impact on your joints at all when you swim.  Until then, I’ll continue to pack myself in ice on a nightly basis.

On to more important matters… this should make you sick to your stomach.  Yes, the idiotic record industry is at it again.  I have never once in my life been a customer of DirecTV.  Now let’s say that someone figured out how to pirate their satellite signal (who knows, someone may already have), and let’s say that this technology used to steal their signal became fairly wide spread among tech savvy people.  Then, DirecTV understandably says “enough” and finds ways to crack down on people stealing their signal and virtually stamp out pirating their signal.  However, let’s pretend that at the same time, DirecTV’s business model becomes obsolete yet they refuse to change it.  So now they’re losing money and they need to blame something.  Thus they blame the people who pirated their signal, yet their profits don’t increase.  So they decide that everyone must be guilty of this horrible crime against them and get the government to pass a tax that everyone has to pay.  How is it fair that I, who never used their services legally or otherwise, would have to pay that tax?

It isn’t.  So, if people like my parents, grandparents, and countless others who never even knew what Napster was are forced to pay a tax for people downloading music illegally, again I ask, how is that fair?